No Hello!

Please don't start a conversation in a messenger with just a solitary "hello". When you only greet without providing any additional context, it can leave the other person waiting and feeling a bit frustrated. Instead, be proactive and include your question or request right in your first message!


30 seconds later, while I watch your "typing..."
Would you like to join us for lunch?


Hello! Would you like to join us for lunch?

Furthermore, please refrain from asking for permission to ask. Phrases like "Do you have a moment?" or "May I ask you a question?" do not contribute significantly to the conversation. While you may intend to be polite, you actually convert an asynchronous communication into a synchronous one. It is important to respect the time of the person you are corresponding with.


Share this link in "general" channel in your slack and set it as a status. Help making the world a better place!

If someone has sent you this link, please do not interpret it as rudeness, but also do not anticipate a response to a simple "Hello" message.